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After the initial shock of dealing with what has happened to disrupt your life, there are many things that you can do to make this un-welcomed situation a situation you can deal with and move on in your life.

With that said, look at the following information and use common sense. If you feel uncomfortable with handling the issues and tasks that will be required with getting well and getting your car fixed, then a competent attorney may be exactly what you need to minimize any common mistakes.

A licensed attorney who knows all the facts and the laws of your particular state can be a real asset, but remember this; you dont always need an attorney to settle a claim. Each case is an individualized situation.

Here is the nuts and bolts of what most insurance companies dont ever want you to know…… even the most common competent medical doctors often miss injuries. They miss them because they are not trained in what to look for.

Here is probably the scenario you went through right after the crash.
A common complaint or observation that most people make immediately after the crash is that they are angry, dazed and confused. You have just come to the realization that YOU have just been in an accident.

Our natural human instincts begin to kick into action, and initial thought processes go something like this:

Dont feel guilty if this is the process you went through.
According to many psychologist, its normal to think of our own well being before we think of others. Its just human nature.

Heres where the problem begins …the attention immediately begins to shift towards automobile damages, and of course…

Whos Going to Pay for This?

From now into the near future, your lifes routine will change to handle the property damage of the collision. All of your daily habits, responsibilities and leisure times have been wiped away by the complications that will be created by this "accident".
The prior everyday stresses you might have been dealing with, will be interrupted in order to deal with the hassles and inconveniences that an automobile accident participant experiences that first week.

Am I Really Alright?

If not immediately, within 24 to 48 hours after the accident, you might begin to start to feel the latent effects of your underlying injuries. You have not been feeling like your normal self, you were achy getting out of bed this morning and you are experiencing pain and muscle stiffness. The most common are neck pain, headaches, numbness or tingling in the hands or fingers, mid-back pain, low back pain, difficulty sleeping, and irritability.

Or Worse, You May Be Injured And Feel Nothing At All!

If there was an ambulance or paramedic on the scene and they thought that it was not necessary to take you to the hospital, in most cases they will recommend for you to get checked out by your doctor as soon as possible.
If they think there is a possibility of a potentially serious injury, they will take you to the hospital where you will be seen by the emergency room staff (doctors, nurses, aides, etc.). They are trained to detect life-threatening conditions and provide appropriate care as needed.

So when your injuries do not fall into this category, then after the evaluation youll be released and sent home with pain pills and muscle relaxers. If they think you have swelling, they will send you home with anti-inflammatory as well.
Upon release they will issue instructions instructing you to see your general practitioner that handles your medical needs. Notice I said medical needs and not injury evaluation.

The Insurance Follow-up

Many times within the first week after the accident the insurance carrier will call you up to discuss fixing your car (if not totaled) and where you should go to get an "accepted" estimate to repair your car.
This report will not go into depth on fixing cars other than to say that you need to get at least three estimates. If the insurance shows any hesitation in getting you a rental or in what they will compensate you for your lost car, then this is a time to consider a competent attorney to handle this issue as well as your settlement.
It has been observed that if they handle you improperly in dealing with your car, in all likelihood, you will find the same issues down the road when it comes to settling your claim.

Medication masks Pain

The bodys signal, pain, is telling you that you are injured and to what extent. It truly is good that we have medications that get rid of pain. But you need to be intelligent in knowing when to use them and when and for how long they are going to just cover up the underlying problems.
Injured people feel less injured under the influence of medication…
It is usually hospital policy not to give a second prescription during a follow-up visit. Their job is finished. If you complain of injury, they will recommend you to see your medical specialist trained in handling your medical needs not your injury needs.

Post Injury Complications

Research has shown that the body needs at least a year to see the effects of soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons and discs) healing. In that timeframe, if you have not been getting the right type of care that deals with the remodeling process of these tissues, then you will be someone who down the road will be susceptible to loss of full range of motion of some of your injured joints.
This includes but is not limited to motion of the neck and spine and any other area of the body involving joints and soft tissue.

The most common long term consequence is called Post-Traumatic Osteo-arthritis. Osteoarthritis takes years to show up on x-ray. Its like barnacles growing on a pier in the ocean. Those big balls of barnacles dont show up overnight. It takes time and once the arthritis is there, its there to stay.
It must be prevented if at all possible.

Its Important To Find A Specialist

You must find a Specialist who knows how to give your body the best chance for full recovery.
Drugs dont heal you and neither does any doctor or person on this planet.

Your body was given the inherent ability to heal itself naturally if given a full functioning nervous system and proper nutrition to feed itself. This ability is by allowing the bodys nervous system to function at 100% while so that it can direct the body to producing new cells to replace dead and damaged cells.
This can only be done with a free flowing nervous system void of interference from spinal misalignments which can and do cut down on nerve function with just the slightest pressure. It takes a specifically trained specialist to handle these kinds of case properly.

Common Questions & Answers


What if my car sustained only minor damage?


Documented studies done by The Spine Institute of San Diego have revealed that:
"The amount of damage to the automobile bears little relation to the force applied to the cervical spine (neck) of the occupants."
In other words, the severity of damage to the car is not correlated with the amount of damage to your physical body. You can be in a 5 MPH "fender bender" and receive serious injury or be in a 30 mph head-on collision, and perhaps not be physically damaged as severely…so do not let the damage to the car fool you.
Most adjusters would love to convince you differently. Be careful!

Dr. Arthur Croft has worked with the Spine Institute of San Diego and participated in Low Impact Crash Research Studies that demonstrate why and how a low impact collision creates damages in an individual that is hit by another vehicle going as little as 5 MPH.
He has provided testimony in such cases in a court of law.


Should I retain an attorney? And should I have one before or after I see the doctor?


It is always important to take care of your well being as soon as possible. First priority is to get checked by a doctor and begin, if needed, the appropriate treatment. Most public assumptions regarding the use of an attorney is to 'sue the pants off someone.

We recommend the use of an attorney so your rights do not get violated. In todays environment, where your own insurance company in some cases will try to take advantage of you… you need the protection. Remember that the responsible partys insurance company has many attorneys, usually very good ones. You may need all the protection that you can get.
This can be done before or after your treatment. If necessary your doctor should be able to offer you a choice of attorneys to work with.

Final Thought

We trust that this report has enabled you to gain a more thorough understanding of what you should do, and what your prompt action can do for your health and well being. We have made it a point to address the 10 most important things that every auto accident victim is looking for.

I can assure you we will answer those questions to your full satisfaction and we will leave no stone unturned.

Our Goals

The Goal of Patient Care in our offices is Patient Wellness, Optimal Health, Fitness and Full Functional Capacity.
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