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Providing help and assistance with practical advise when you have had a car crash or accident

Whether or not you have suffered an injury, such as whiplash from a car crash, it is good to learn about things like what to do after a car accident and how to deal with insurance companies when you have had a car crash

After the initial shock of dealing with what has happened to disrupt your life, there are many things that you can do to make this un-welcomed situation a situation you can deal with and move on in your life.

With that said, look at the following information and use common sense. If you feel uncomfortable with handling the issues and tasks that will be required with getting well and getting your car fixed, then a competent attorney may beexactly what you need to minimize any common mistakes.

A licensed attorney who knows all the facts and the laws of your particular state can be a real asset, but remember this; you don’t always need an attorney to settle a claim. Each case is an individualized situation.

What is the first thing to do after an accident?
Is there anything special I should keep in mind when seeing my doctor?
What type of doctor should I see?
According to the Spine Research Institute of San Diego the following are the most common symptoms involved in whiplash followed by the percentages they occur.
  • Neck Pain - 92%
  • Headache - 57%
Most injuries occur at crash speeds below 12 mph.
Most cars withstand 8–12 mph impacts without structural damage.
More than half of all LOSRIC injuries occur without vehicle damage.
Don’t be alarmed, they’re going to call you, especially if they know their client is at fault. When they do call be polite, but decline to talk. Insurance companies' claims adjusters are professional negotiators, with extensive experience in intimidation, "schmoozing," and using every psychological technique to maneuver a claimant into settling for the lowest possible dollar
You are not required to be represented by an attorney and many people successfully settle their own claims with the insurance companies. However, we have found this to be more the exception than the rule.
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